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It has been a month since the crew of the Katajion spaceship Nimross returned safely after a mission to recover a prized artifact went awry. Command's support of how everything transpired is weak and many of her crew face disciplinary actions for their part in the operation. It all weighs heavily on Major Natalie Puccile, whose investigation led them down that route, but not nearly as much as the knowledge that she was forced to decide between the woman she cared about and her mission. With only a tankard and a collection of games to distract her from her life, Natalie begins to question why she signed up in the first place.

That's when the first ray of hope in the storm of her life begins to shine through. A charming woman, Aria, comes to the suffering major with a dire plea. When taking a prominent researcher to a campsite, her shuttle went down and Aria needs the help of the KSS Nimross to save the lives of those now stranded and scattered on the planet. With a purpose driving her once again, Natalie sends the Nimross out once more to save the lives of the innocent.

-Direct Sequel to Rising Angels: Reborn

-Yuri kinetic novel (no choices)

-5-7 hours of excitement and adventure!

Sprite/CG artists: Nuge / Elphie
BG artist: lordless

Writer: Chief Komi


Felipe Adorno Vassao (Red Rose)

Wiseguy Entertainment (A Candles Light)

Alexander Khaskin (Driving Dream, Science and Technology 2,3,4, Solaris, Strangeness, Trouble in Paradise, Urgent Information, Written In Blood, and several nameless pieces.)

Little Bombs (Deal With The Devil; aka the opening song)


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Would it be possible to get the other Rising Angels Stories on itch.io too? i find it easier and more fun if i can get a somewhat complete story from the same app instead of having to go different places to play the different parts of a story :/

Hello! I wonder - how long is your game? :)

About five to seven hours based on what the testers reported!

Great! How to contact you about this game by email? I think I got an interesting offer for you :)