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I'm going to check this out! I didn't know this released. I've played both Reborn and Hope. I only discoverd this today after seeing a tweet about Judgments release.


I love this game! It's second part of  beautiful story about meaning of love, duties, bravery, friendship, respect, optymism and about what "being good person" means.

Some details... The story is very linear. I usually don't like but this one is great and I really had to play it. Especially beacause  it's continuation of another great game and main romance story is yuri. Plot is of course great and with a lot twist and un-exepted events. And this part fills all the story gaps in 1st part's plot.

Artstyle is very good. All characters and CGs and backgrounds and everything looks great. Music is very good too. 

All the characters have their own styles. personalities, opinions, storys and charm. It was great that authors gave us opportunity to them all better by spliting them in few group for the most of the story and by telling story from different points of view of a lot of characters.  The game is long too. 

My favourite characters are... hmmm... as I said I like them all... but I think that Nat and Zuri are very interesting and they are great couple even if they had some hard times. And Kika is very nice too. And I really really really like Faye too.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Oh Gosh, I totally forgot to check your main blog and suddenly I see the game here! God, I'll go play it like right now! Love your games, they're great!

P.S. The art in this one looks freaking amazing!

Curious to know why I found this why specifically looking for RPGs?

This is clearly a visual novel, and both game types are pretty much incompatible (RPGs cannot be linear, while visual novels are so by nature); some adventure games can be linear, but then again adventure and RPG are not the same even if often confused.

As a good reader, I noticed so many grammar mistakes in that visual novel. I'm wondering why I should continue reading with those pesky grammar mistakes. If you really need help for that, don't wait for replies : it's a question of "professionalism".

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I agree to those grammar mistakes, but I don't have help yet! XD

Well, I can make grammar mistakes when I write, but I'm not from those who publish a visual novel with grammar mistakes. More than that, I'm not your "bro" (brother).

hold on so we can't romance sol?


Would it be possible to get the other Rising Angels Stories on too? i find it easier and more fun if i can get a somewhat complete story from the same app instead of having to go different places to play the different parts of a story :/

Hello! I wonder - how long is your game? :)

About five to seven hours based on what the testers reported!

Great! How to contact you about this game by email? I think I got an interesting offer for you :)